Please read through thoroughly and complete this form to submit a work for an upcoming TNNM concert. Submissions are due two weeks before the concert – if you're not 100% sure that you will have everything in place, still fill out the form by the deadline so we can start planning.

A full list of rules and guidelines can—and should—be read over here.

when you would like to program your piece
Personal Information
as you would like it to appear on the program
Phone *
Composition Details
include titles of movements if applicable
including details of any percussion instruments (note that listing an instrument here does NOT guarantee it showing up on stage magically)
Prepared Piano *
If your piece calls for ANY nonstandard manipulation of the piano (placement of objects on strings, plucking or bowing of strings, etc.), please check the appropriate box below.
All submissions must not exceed 15 minutes.
Please describe the musical qualities of your piece. This is to help us with programming the concert; please do not just put your program notes here – there is space below for that.
Special requests might include PA, electronics, lighting, uncommon instruments, etc. They are requests and not demands, but we will do our best to make them happen. Note that PA is only available on the concerts in Jordan, Brown, and Pierce Hall. NOTE: Anything you require for your performance that is not specified by other answers in the form is a "special request".
Performance Details
Please include who's playing what. If you do not have this finalized at the time of submission, provide as much information as you can, and indicate when you will know. You will need to have this finalized two weeks before the concert in order to have the relevant information included in the program.
Agreement *
By typing your name below, you (the applicant) are acknowledging that you have read over the TNNM guidelines (available elsewhere on this site), and you are committing to a quality performance for this concert.